Nail Art Brush

  • Small Skinny Nail Polish Brush

    Small Skinny Nail Polish Brush

    【NAIL ART BRUSHES KIT】 You will get 2 line brushes, 1 drawing brush, 1 petal brush, 1 flat brushes, 1 oblique brushes from this manicure kit. Both of them are different shapes and double-end, another end with a ball of different sizes for various size dotting. In other words, the nail set of 6 pens actually brings you the function of 12 pens, which is super convenient and cost-effective.

    【MULTIFUNCTION】The dual-head design greatly increases the function of the nail art brush, which can satisfy your various nails art design needs, drawing exquisite 3D painted patterns, plaid, flowers, line or applying builder nail gels for nails extension, gel paint, spider gel, harder gel, UV gel nail polish, even sticking diamond.

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  • Thin Nail Polish Art Liner Brushes

    Thin Nail Polish Art Liner Brushes

    Head Material: Nylon Hair + Metal + Rhinestones
    Size: 5-7 mm / 5-11 mm / 7-9 mm / 7-13 mm / 9-11 mm/ 9-15 mm(you can purchase the one you need)
    Color: Black/ silver/ gold/ white/ rose gold/ Rainbow Metallic Gradient

    [Dual-end Design]The nail art brushes are dual-ended designed, each pen has two nail brush for DIY manicure. The rose gold color make it looks elegant and delicate. Fits hands size, easy to operate.

    [Nail Flat Painting Brush] The dual-end nail flat painting brush is good for painting flower, lattice, plaid or other beautiful nail design

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  • Wooden Nail Polish Brush

    Wooden Nail Polish Brush

    [Design] Size 10 Brush Handle | A smooth and sturdy mahogany wooden handle with our silver sturdy alloy crimped ferrule that holds the pure Kolinsky sable hair firmly to prevent splitting or deformation of the hairs. Weighted just right, the brush is made to provide full comfortability for all nail techs to hold.

    [Material] Yihuale acrylic brushes are made with the highest level of quality in materials, such as pure Kolinsky sable hair to ensure durability that soft enough to sculpt and shape to any nail shape and size.

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