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  • Types Of Artist Hog Blending Brushes

    Types Of Artist Hog Blending Brushes

    The oil paint brush is made of bristle hair, which is soft and flexible. It is not east to bend after multi-times use
    The brush tip is soft and flexible, not easy to bend, durable for long time use.

    Wooden superior brush pen body gives you a sense of feeling when holding it
    The long handle allows you to hold easily as per your painting preference

    11 pcs paint brushes include round point to meet your different paint / art requirements

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  • Round Synthetic Watercolor Brushes

    Round Synthetic Watercolor Brushes

    ★ The round head artist brushes come in ideal sizes: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5,#6,#7, handle Cap removes and reinsert to back of brush Designed with anti-rust nickel ferrules, really nice feel in hand.

    ★Durable & Anti-shedding Synthetic Nylon Hair Watercolor Brushes: The round point brushes hairs are very fine, thin and conical shaped, with thick bellies, which enables the brush to hold large amount of water and provides consistent water releasing quality.

    ★Pocket Travel Artist Brush set: The painting brushes bringing a perfect effect brush length of nearly 7".You can put it in your pocket,Save space,easy to take.

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  • Good Watercolor Brush Set

    Good Watercolor Brush Set

    10 paint brush sets: When you have this paint brush set, you could use it for all kinds of paintings ( oil painting, gouache, acrylic, hand-painted, wall painting, etc.)

    Material: Nylon pen tip is moderately soft and elastic, it also not easy to fall after special pressing; wooden pen holder is comfortable to hold.

    Portable picture bag: zipper design, smooth and easy to open and close; easy to take on the inner mesh, protect the brush from wear and tear; breathable waterproof fabric, so you don't have trouble getting wet.

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  • Kids Miniature Acrylic Paint Brush Set

    Kids Miniature Acrylic Paint Brush Set

    Soft and flexible brush hair, copper tube ensure no wiggling. Durable wooden handle for optimal control/ grip and great hand feeling.

    This fantastic 6 of set paint brushes is perfect for any level of artist, from beginners to professionals or painting type.
    To clean, run brushes under warm water, washing out the paint and gently use your fingers to reshape.

    Function: Ideal for Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic Painting, Body, Nail, Face Painting, Miniature, Model, Ceramic, Craft Art Painting, etc.

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  • Professional Artist Paint Brush Set For Oils

    Professional Artist Paint Brush Set For Oils

    Multi-purpose Painting Brushes: Assorted Sizes & Shapes of Paint Bush bulk Perfect for Art Painting, Which Can Cover all Your Needs.

    Artist Watercolor Paint Brushes: Smooth Wood Long Handle with UV Coating, Anti-peeling off, Non Odor and Water Resistance;

    Nickel ferrules Add Durable Synthetic and Anti-shedding Nylon Bristles, Individually Hand Crafted and Double-crimped with Excellent Workmanship So No Flaking Paint from Handles, Loose Bristles or Swing Ferrules with This Pro Paint Brushes Set. Intended for Long Time Use.

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  • Round Acrylic Paint Art Brushes

    Round Acrylic Paint Art Brushes

    Professional Quality Weasel Artist Brushes for Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting and Gouache Color Painting
    Just the right balance. The Well Balanced, Polished Birch Wood, Long Handles Have a Luxurious Feel and are Easy and Delightful to Use.

    The Natural characteristics of the Sable Hair (more commonly known as weasel hair) Offer Excellent Liquid Holding Capacity that results in an Easy, Consistent Smooth Flow of Paint. The secure ferrules are Made from High Grade Copper, Ensuring No Hair Loss While Painting

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  • Pro Fine Art Brushes For Acrylic Painting

    Pro Fine Art Brushes For Acrylic Painting

    Original white series synthetic brushes are made from the finest-quality White Taklon filaments to create brush heads that are remarkably durable, easy to care for and versatile (they work equally well with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint).

    Each brush is expertly crafted to mimic the virtues of natural hair, including exceptional paint-holding capacity, at a reduced cost. Each brush holds its shape well and consists of filaments that are dyed and baked to increase softness and absorption.

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  • Hog Bristle Oil Paint Filbert Brushes

    Hog Bristle Oil Paint Filbert Brushes

    Product Applications:
    - Acrylic, Watercolor, Enamel, Oil, Cel-vinyl, Gouache, Water Mixable Oils Painting.
    - Ceramic Models, Doll, Airplanes, War Hammer 40K, Paint by Numbe, Miniatures, Crafts, Rock, Leather, Gesso Painting
    - Face Painting, Nail Art Painting, Body Art Painting.

    1. Seamless nickel ferrules won't rust or split. They are double-crimped to last longer and won't come loose after a few uses.
    2. Brushes don't shed hairs. No more frustration trying to get brush hairs off your artwork. Brush bristles return perfect shape after each stroke.
    3. Long wooden handles with a smooth finish, perfect for greater control over small details.

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  • Types Of Watercolor Brushes For Beginners

    Types Of Watercolor Brushes For Beginners

    ARTIST QUALITY: Filbert paint brush set Red sable (weasel hair) artist paint brushes. Great for students to professional artists that use the following paints: acrylic paints and oil paints. Can be used for Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor painting and Facepainting.

    FILBERT HEAD STYLE: Gives you great capability for all your techniques with 6 sizes of brushes to chose from: #1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11.

    DURABLE STRUCTURE: Top quality Filbert Style brushes are made of long birch wood handles, which gives you ease with every stroke.

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