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    Sable Watercolor Paint Brush Set For Artists

    Sable Watercolor Paint Brush Set For Artists

    Ergonomic Design — Perfectly Balanced Short, Thick Handles Reduce Hand Stress and Fatigue To Ensure Hours of Comfort and Pleasure.

    The cardboard tube offers a convenient storage and transportation solution. It is also a handy paintbrush holder & organizer, one that helps you easily swap out your paintbrushes while working.

    Superior Construction — Sturdy Double-Crimped Ferrules Ensure These Brushes Will Afford The Ultimate Longevity
    SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE AND VERSATILITY — Durable glue and quality aluminum ferrules ensure bristles don't remain on paintings and a longer brush life.

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    Professional Artist Paint Brushes For Art Painting

    Professional Artist Paint Brushes For Art Painting

    High Grade Synthetic Hairs - This fine detail paint brush set are made of superior synthetic hairs. With great spring, the bristles are also soft, absorptive and sturdy enough not easy to bend or split with pressure, trimmed and shaped neatly, no strands stick out.

    Comfortable Grip Handle - The triangle grip handle can prevent your brush from rolling off the table. Reduce hand fatigue and can be easier to control for painting long hours.

    Protective Tubes - These miniature painting brushes come with protective tubes, which is handy to keep them in shape after using and cleaning.

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  • Professional Watercolor Brushes

    Professional Watercolor Brushes

    This round paintbrush set are made from premium nylon. Excellent flexibility does not comprise the liquid absorbency.
    These nylons are capable of carrying massive paints, very soft and snappy. They are also easy to clean. Suitable for different types of paint, also can be painted on different surfaces.

    Ergonomic short handle, multiple layer paint finish on fine polished smooth handle. Very comfortable grip, makes painting easier for you. Sturdy copper ferrules perfectly securing the bristles, firm and durable.

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  • Artist Brushes For Acrylic Paint

    Artist Brushes For Acrylic Paint

    Endless Possibilities for Mixed Media:
    Create a masterpiece on any surface with virtually any type of paint. Select Artiste multi-media brushes can be used with oil, acrylic and watercolor paint.

    Beautifully Designed:
    Our brushes are made to inspire creativity. The beautiful design features a satin-finished, jewel-tone blue handle and silver ferrule.

    Affordable & Durable:
    Select Artiste brushes offer the same durability and quality as luxury brushes, yet are more affordable.

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    15pcs Fine Artist Oil Paint Brushes For Artists

    15pcs Fine Artist Oil Paint Brushes For Artists

    Balanced Handle and Aluminum Ferrule - Made from birch wood with smooth paint, do not chip. Perfectly balanced handle gives you comfortable grip. Aluminum ferrules are extremely DURABLE under corrosive conditions.

    Synthetic Bristle - These paint brushes are made from quality filaments which are secured in the ferrule firmly. Resilient bristles give you great joy of using them. They will last for a very long time if proper cared.

    Paint Brush Case - These paint brush sets come with very nice 15-slots brush cases. Pop-up stands are designed inside the brush case. Dusters are also introduced inside the case to protect the brushes and cases from dust and paints. They are very nice and presentable.

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    Acrylic Paint Fan Brush Art Painting

    Acrylic Paint Fan Brush Art Painting

    Soft and Thick Nylon Hair:
    High quality nylon hair has great liquid holding ability and won't shed easily. With excellent flexibility, return to perfect shape after each stroke.

    Waterproof Wood Handle:
    With UV coating, anti-peeling off, non-odor, and water resistance. Shorter handle provides greater precision for control over small details

    Sturdy Nickel Ferrules:
    Seamless nickel ferrules won't rust or split. Double-crimped to last longer and brushes will not shed hairs.

    Work Well with All Mediums:
    With great liquid holding ability, perfect for acrylic, watercolor, enamel, oil, cel-vinyl and gouache paint.

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  • Art Paints And Brush Set

    Art Paints And Brush Set

    Material: quality nylon Hair, Acrylic gradient color handle
    Size: 000,00,0,1,2, 3, 4
    Wool Length: 0.9cm/ 0.35Inch
    Color: Reddish Brown

    Fine tipped miniature brushes allows you to do fine detail painting precisely to reach tight, small spots and tiny points such as wildlife, botanical, portraiture, doll, illustrations, model car, ships and airplanes, or micro detailing fantasy figurines.

    Ergonomic triangle handle for more comfortable finish. Well balanced, steady control with precision point for detail painting. Enjoy less hand fatigue for longer stretches compared to normal skinny handles.

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  • Water Color Paint Brushes

    Water Color Paint Brushes

    VARIOUS SIZES--Paint Brush Set of 7 watercolor paint brushes in various sizes,including size #1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7.
    Different size paintbrushes can use different color to make your painting colorful and unique. You can mix various colors to draw whatever you want. Round are great for detail,wash,fills,and thin to thick lines.

    EACH CAREFULLY DESIGNED--Ergonomic handleas,Brush Handle made of aluminum crimped ferrules with Wood splicing design,Synthetic Squirrel Hair brush set Soft enough and absorbent squirrel hair can holds large amounts of color and releases it with perfect control.

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  • pro art brustro brushes

    pro art brustro brushes

    NATUARL WOODEN HANDLES - Our fine artist brushes are individually handmade with luxury wood color handles and white coppers protective ferrules, and are fashioned by skilled brush makers. This set represents the natural beauty, which contributes to our lives and gives us hope and inspiration.

    What makes our products unique?
    We believe that art blurs the lines between tension and harmony, perfection and imperfection. At Artify, we realize that self-expression, mindfulness, and resilience are inherent properties in creativity and creation

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